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Information for registration of Complaint at Human Rights Comission:

  • There is  no need of any government stamp / ticket / court fee while registration of complaint at Human Rights.
  • The complaint should e in English / Marathi / Hindi language only (in Maharashtra).
  • The action will be taken within 3 – days from registation of complaint.

Below are the informations that need to be taken care while registring any complaint at Human Rights:

  • Full Name.
  • Postal Address.
  • Details like Place & Name of the compaintant.
  • Date of incidence and the time-frame of registration of complaint.
  • Detail information of violation of Human Rights.
  • If your case is with any court / Judge then place detail information.

Rights to Human Rights under the Constitution are as follows:

If any complaint gets registered with Satyawadi Human Rights by any victim of Human Right violation or any other person on his / her behalf then:

  • For complaintant or the victim of Human Rights:
    1. Will look for the violation of his / her Human Rights.
    2. Is the violation done by any government body?
  • To be notice to any court of Human Rights for resolving the violation.
  • For any person who is custodian / Jailed will look that his / her Human Rights are not violating and if found so, will be noticed to Government body.
  • To avoid the violation of any law or rules and regulations and to take in action, alteration or addition in law of Human Rights can be suggested.
  • To take care of Law and Order and to protect it from terrorism.
  • Studying International laws of Human Rights.
  • Organizing Seminars and using various medias to literate common people about Human Rights.
  • Teaching sessions for teachers of National Social Services regarding protection and promotion of Human Rights.