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The idea of formation Human Rights organisation came into my mind 3-years back. The strong reasons behind this was when I came across the behaviour of our socity and the resons behind making the socity more worst. Domestic Voilence, Dowry, increasing number of Child Labourers and Prostitutions and many more. When I came across all these issues, I realised now its time to get up and do something for our society not only limited to Mumbai or Maharashtra but for India...our India.

And here I formed an organization - "SATYAWADI HUMAN RIGHTS". There is a deep meaning behind this name. Satyawadi means to fight for truth and never have fear whereas Human Rights means basic rights and freedom that all human being are entiltled with.

Satyawadi Human Rights is an Association of all such bodies & people who are working towards solving different problems. I appeal to all my friends to come together in this fight and help us and help you to change the society and to make it voilence free.

Come and Join the hands with your Organisation.

Thank you,

     Coming Soon